Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Heading to Feldgrau

We traveled to Feldgrau and on the way dealt with a hanging tree, and then arrived at Feldgrau.

In Feldgrau we killed 4 skeletons on patrol, followed some wolf and human tracks to the blacksmiths ship (F2). Wen inside and found Duristan there, and determined rather quickly he was a werewolf. Killed Duristan in F2 the blacksmiths shop.

Potion of cure moderate to Sue
20 silver arrows to ted
Magic +1 studded leather magical to Gina
Magic +1 light steel shield to sell
Magic +1 composite longbow +2 to ted
20 arrows to ted
Magic +1 silver longsword to ted
158 gp split up between the party.

Trial of the Beast Adventure Log - Module 2

Haluket (Haluketumakametukala)

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/03/26
XP Reward: 567 XP; Net Cash:

On the 3rd day of travel we run across a travelling “circus” of some sorts. A ringmaster comes out to greet us. kaleb Hessy, the cousin of the CEO of Sprint! Dan’s cousin requests our help. They lost a pinhead, she wandered off. He is asking for help to find her, and in exchange will give up a magical dagger.

We head out into the swamp and try to find the girl. We are attacked by 3 giant frogs and a phase spider. I’m poisoned and Poppy is poisoned. I’m sucking at beating this poison.

After we kill all the creatures we do find the girl, but she is dead. We find a potion of Fox’s Cunning (to libby), a magnifying glass with golden handle, a small wooden box with a set of weights (false bottom contains 3 silver ingots (10gp each), and a jar of pickled garlic cloves. They give us a +1 humanoid shapechanger bane dagger.

We make it to Lepistaad, and there is a carnival like atmosphere. In the center of town there is a pyre. Small city.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/03/26
XP Reward: 0 XP; Net Cash: 100 PP 1641 GP 6 SP 6 CP

We head to the university to deliver books, and Dr. Crowl greets us.

As we talk to Dr. Crowl we ask him man questions about the beast and the murders in the area. The Beast is a man made creature. He ransacked the university and is linked to many bad things. One item was missing from the university, a Seasage effigy (statue). Guards found him here at the university. We get directions to Judge Embreth’s house. The beast has no recollection on how he got here.

We head to the judges house. She invites us in as we let her know who we are. We deliver the Order of the Paletine eye, and hands over 100pp each. She talks to us about the trial, and she is one of 3 judges that is overseeing the trial.

She is concerned that the beast is not going to get a fair trial. He has been linked to murders, terrors, and deaths of all kinds; however many tales may be fabricated. She asks that we help the defense barrister to ensure he gets a fair trial. Her name is to not be brought up. She is offering another 100pp for getting the job done.

We sold all of our extra crap, including magic items for 1,641gp, 6sp, and 6cp each.

She suggests that we head to he courthouse to register to help on the defense and then talk with Barrister Gustaf Cappel.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/04/09
XP Reward: 1066 XP; Net Cash:

We find that there are 10 citizens in Morast, 6 children in Hergstaag, and some others died in the Sancutary of Caver Isle.

We head out to Morast and find it is a swamp, and we meet up with someone called Lazne. He takes us out to this island where they were killed. We encounter a Manticore and kill it. We find a dwarven corpse, Vile oil of Keen Edge, a package of body baum, a silver hip flask full of bandy, crimson felt purse 31 pp, 22 gp, Masterwork short sword, and a Wand of Ghost Sound 22 Charges.

We should sell everything, but Aahz took the vile of oil of keed edges..

Around the island we find a glass vial that is an alchemist’s darkvision extract. We found a boat that had dry blood in the bottom. Also a moldy travel bag witth an atrisan wardrobe, a detached human face, and some dried blood in the boat. There is a rope hanging into the water and Aahz pulled up the bag. The bag is blood stained and is large enough to hold a medium sized creature. Mostly filled with rusted equipment.

We gather 10 portraits of each of the dead persons and take it back with us to see if the any of the faces are simlar to the Beasts face.

The darvsision vile was consumed, and the crafter of the golem would have to be of a race that does not have darkvision.

The beast would not need the darkvision vial because a golem has darkvision already. A flesh golem must be made of 6 separate corpses, and there were 6 disturbed graves on this island.

One of the boat people tells us that the face is of Nan Klebem.

We think that the Caiman would have left scars on the body of the beast. This appears to be evidence that he was not here.

We get back to the town and get rooms. Morast discussion of the trial happens next session.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/04/23
XP Reward: 2366 XP; Net Cash:

We take the portraits to the “Beast” and determine that none of the portraits have any resemblence of the Beast. We also note that there is nothing wrong with his shoulder, and therefore we deduce that he was not attacked by the Caiman.

We find out that he does know his maker, and he will not give up who that person is.

We go to the trial and Hal does a superb job of relaying the findings to the court. We gain 800xp.

Tomorrow we talk about the deaths of the children in Hergstaad. We go to Hergstad and as we approach the first building, we see a child wreathed in black fire. We kill it.

We encounter a dead thief and get its treasure C3 . As we go farther into town we find another wraith like child wreathed in black flame. And then another.

We find a book of Taldan poetry C4 as we are killing more of these Wight Spawns. We know that the “Beast” had a book of poetry.

Inside the chapel we find a font containing holy water.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/05/07
XP Reward: 800 XP; Net Cash:

We find the remains of 4 small bodies in a cave we find while searching Hergstad. Outside the chapel there were 6 graves and 4 of the graves were dusturbed/missing. Now we know where they went. The cave showed absolutely no signs of any beast tracks within the cave, and therefore we believe the golem was never in there with the bodies.

The graves are marked. All 6 have a headstone, 2 of them have bodies, and one of the bodies “karen” is 2 days later. It is the date that the townsolk believe the beast killed all 6.

We go to the first wraith spawn’s home, and the door is locked from the inside. Aahz muscles through the door with a powerful strength check. We search the house. This is the house of a young girl. The room is in good order. If the girls was abducted in the house, there is no evidence of that. Also the window to the girls room is up at least 15 feet, and a climb would be difficult. There is no evedence of someone climbing into the room.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/05/07
XP Reward: 800 XP; Net Cash:

3 miles north of Lepistaad is the Sactuary of Karb Isle. We find the sanctuary is completely burned down and we find in the middle of the ruins a 3’ hole in the ground. Aahz climbs down the rope of climbing down into the hole, while Hal sends down dancing lights so he and us can see.

We do down into the hold and find 4 ghasts…who smell badly. The ghasts end up killing Aahz. RIP Aahz.

We find 12 silver crossbow bolts, charred metal strongbox. Lock appears to be fused. There are a number of burned bodies and most of the heads have physical deformities, although one does not have deformities. We find a vile of Vorkstaak and Grind chemical bleach, from 2 alchemists in Lepistaad.

Inside the box are charred papers. Apparently we need linguisticks, and Holgar casts comprehend languages. Most of the writing has been burned away. Many of the documents have Vorkstak and Grind chemists.

We burn the bodies of the ghasts.

We get back to town and bring Aahz back to life through wheeling and dealing.

The Haunting of Harrowstad Adventure Log - Module 1

Haluket (Haluketumakametukala)

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2012/10/02

XP Reward: 0 XP; Net Cash:

We are here to attend Petros’ funeral a professor of ours.

We do a lot of research and head out to Kendra Loramar’s home (Petros’ daughter). We find out: No one has paid any respects to the death of the Professor. Lots of odd thing happening around town. We are welcome to stay at her house. Will answer questions after the funeral and will reading.

We head on over to the funeral. We get stopped by some locals that don’t want Loramar buried in the graveyard. We find out that Loramar is a necromancer (according to the locals).

At the reading of the will: Chest of tomes, deliver to university of Lepid Stadt after one month of making sure his daughter is safe. After delivery 100 platinum coins (Embreth Darimid a trusted female friend in Lepid Stadt) will be paid. 4 Tombs in the chest. Manual of the order of the palatine eye, on verified madness, serving your hunger, the umberal leaves.

What we find out about the Wispering Way: Active organization of Necromancers (sinister) for thousands of years. Seek alliances with undead creatures or are themselves undead. Tar-Baphon (the whispering tyrant) is the most notorious. Whispering way is a series of philosophies, never written or spoken loudly.

Researching History: Harrowstone is a ruined prison by fire. Locals suspect is haunted and don’t enjoy speaking about it. Built in 4594 and Ravengro was founded at the same time. Fire destroyed large portions of the eastern wing. Most of stone structure above is relatively intact. Warden and wife perished in fire. Statue was erected. Most of hardened criminals were executed. Prisoners rioted, warden saved town from prisoners escaping. Prison was holding 5 notorious prisoners at the time of the fire. Everyone died in the fire. Theory by some of us is that maybe these 5 notorious prisoners were part of the Whispering Way and are now undead practitioners?

Researched prison and the whispering way…no further information can be gained. Trust =23

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2012/10/09

XP Reward: 0 XP; Net Cash:

Councilman Vashian Hearthmount and councilman Gheran Muricar were both at the funeral. Originally only local prisoners were at the Harrowstone, but as time went on other prisoners from other regions were held there. At the time of the fire the number of dangerous prisoners were at an all time high. 5 most notorious priosoners were: Father Charlatan, The Lopper, The Mosswater Marauder, The Piper Ill Marsh, and the Splatter Man. Jominda Fallenbridge does more than brew potions, drugs and poisons as well. Sheriff is interested in Jominda’s business (located at H on map).

John is supposed to let Holgar in to the temple for a brief look around (when John is not on duty).

A female rushes up to us in the square and acuses us that we vandalized the Warden’s statue. There is a V painted on the base of the Warden’s memorial statue. We follow the person to a 25’ tall moss covered stone statue that overlooks the river. Warden Hawkrand died in the fire. 25 names engraved on the base of the statue. The V is “painted” in a red paint…it is blood. Probably rodents blood. Lissa remembers that the warden’s wife’s name starts with a V. Vesoriana, died in the fire and nobody has seen her since.

Find tracks and blood drops leading away from the the statue. Kiana tracks the blood and prints. The tracks lead to a shack that is a lightly forested area in Q.

We track down where the dead rat came from…and we find a sleeping human male in the shack. His name is Gibbs. He invites us in. We know he did the deed, but he truly does not know he did the deed. We shall stay the night here after we visit Jominda.

Jominda asks if we have been to the Laughing Demon. Zokar serves lots of Corpse Chowder. Don’t let him invite you into the back room…might become fixins in the chowder.

We enter the tavern and everyone seems to be having a good time. Lots of people here. Menu’s say: Vampire Steaks, Wolf Balls, Corpse Chowder, Liquid Ghosts (drink). Rotund fellow (Zokar) at your service…approaches and offers food. I order a Ghoul Fillet. Zokar offers up some tales about the prison. Youngins like to dare each other to spend the night. Sally was eaten by a wolf on the way to the prison almost 20 years ago. Some say it is haunted.

We head out to a shack in the woods. Sometime between 11pm and 2am 4 skeletons approached to attack. Poppy killed 3 with bombs and Aahzog killed 1. Next morning we are all awake and refreshed. Gibbs comes out in the morning and is rather surprised to see the now fully dead skeletons. We head over to the Temple.

John is waiting outside the temple door and lets Holgar in for a few hours. Word around town is we are helping out, and is appreciative about it. Looking up about the 5 prisoners using history and a bit-o-luck. The Lopper’s name is Vance Saetressle, when he stalked prey he would hide in the most obscure places and emerge to savagely behead his victim with a hand axe. The Mosswater Marauder name is Ispin Onyx Cudgel (dwarf), just before Mosswater was to be overun by water monsters, Ispin killed his unfaithful wife with a maul/hammer. He heard that he could bring her back to life by reassembling her skill. He marauded Mosswater and killed people to try and find just the right shaped skull fragment. The Piper of Illmarsh name is unknown. Taunted targets with a mournful dirge on his flute, and would subdue his targets with poison and let Stirges drink their blood. The Splatter Man name is Hean Feramin, celebrated schollar of personal names and origins at an archive in Califast. An accidental association with a succubus twisted and warped his study. He became obsessed with a name to terrify and control. Spells vitims names with entrails, and make the death look like an accident. Trust = 29

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2012/11/06

XP Reward: 135 XP; Net Cash:

Fought centipedes and found a bunch of loot that the professor left for us to help kill baddies.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2012/11/06

XP Reward: 180 XP; Net Cash: 100 GP

Used a Haunt Siphon to open the left door (80xp)

Found items in the safe in office:

500 GP [dispersed], 9 potions (4 cure moderate wounds [Ted, Ted, Sue, Mike], 3 lesser restoration [Bill], 2 remove disease [Bill]).

Fought 3 flaming undead skulls in the room past the chapel (100xp).

The room is empty, but the pit in the floor appears to be the source of the fire in the prision…and it leads to more parts of the prison.

We have not rested.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2012/11/20

XP Reward: 1047 XP; Net Cash:

Killed an Ember Maw…furnace. We found bones in the mouth of the furnace, and buried them near the water…water was splashed upon them. A ghostly image of a child emerged and floated away.

In the next room we found a swirling incorporeal skeleton (poltergeist). We killed it, but many of us were scared. In this room we found: 2 Healer’s kit (Gina/Bill), 3 vials anti-toxin (Bill), 2 vials anti-plague (Libby), 3 doses blood block (Libby), 3 doses smelling salts (Libby), 2 vials soothe syrup (Libby), 4 potions cure light wounds (Libby x2/Ted x2).

A few rooms later we find 5 giant crab spiders (small) and killed them all. 5 vial holy water (Ted), 1 scroll lesser restoration (Gina), 1 wand cure-light wounds with 15 charges (Gina).

In another room we find a set a manacles that are animated and attack the group. We killed the construct.

Heading into another room we begin fighting a brazier that hit us with hot iron brands.

We meet up with a ghost like spirit and talk to her. She wants us to rid the prison of evil and try to kill the splatter man and the 4 other bad prisoners. We find a secret door in this room that appears to lead to a laundry room.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2012/12/18

XP Reward: 0 XP; Net Cash:

In the cold room past the cold podium: very nice punching dagger, ==, and a Wand of Lessor Restoration 12 charges.

In the room behind the trinket room: magic axe (Ahzog), magic holy symbol (Holgar)(12 knotted together), spellbook (Kiana), nice looking hammer (some magic properties), really nice tarnished flute (Lisa). These items belong to the 5 prisoners. Piper of Elmarsh, Mosswater Marauder, Splatterman, Father Sharlatan, The Lopper.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2012/12/18

XP Reward: 400 XP; Net Cash:

We enter the 2nd floor, and we encounter Stirges right off the bat. This level appears to be the cell block. There is a galley and a bunch of dead skeletons in most of the cells. As we round a corner we hear a mournful flute that shakens us if we don’t have strong wills. 4 skeletons step out of 4 separate cell blocks down the hall. The flute was a haunt, and we used a haunt syphon to do damage. We killed the haunt.

We headed back to town to rest. Ability damage will be healed as well as hit point damage.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/02/05

XP Reward: 240 XP; Net Cash:

We go up the ladder to the roof and open a door and a giant stirge comes out and looks to attack. It dies before it acts. We then head to the west balcony, we get approached by a floating scythe that is being held by 2 skeletal hands. It was killed before it acts. We head over to the east balcony where we find the balcony on the north side has fallen down into the water far below. There is a mass of vine along the balcony wall. Poppy falls asleep and we set fire to the vines and then try to wake up Poppy.

Nothing else is here on the roof.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/02/05

XP Reward: 530 XP; Net Cash:

We climb down and most of us are damaged as we “fall”. As we get down to the bottom we find some mummy like creature coming out of the water. We fight them and destroy them easily.

In one of the rooms we encounter the Mosswater Marauder dwarf and deal enough positive energy damage to the manifestation to dissipate it. In that room we find a secret door.

We find a suit of armor and other stuff: 6 really nice chainmail suits, 6 suits studded leather, 4 very nice long swords, 4 very nice heavy maces, 2 very nice heavy crossbows, 120 crossbow bolts, closed case (10 +1 magic crossbow bolts [Sue]), Wand of Hold Person (11 charges) [Bill], 4 potions (Cure Moderate)[Libby, Bill, Sue, and Gina], Rope of Climbing [Sue].

We stop in the Mosswater Marauder’s rooms and start from here next time.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/02/19

XP Reward: 1100 XP; Net Cash:

We go further into the lower level and find a room full of cells. All cells are mostly empty and there are no issues here. We find a locked door and we unlock it. Entering the next room Ahz walks in and see’s his mother in the Iron Maiden, and he rushes into her arms…and the iron maiden closes on him.

Two hands jump out of a basket by a torture rack, and run to attack Holgar. We kill the hands quickly.

We believe this is the main torture room for the prison, and the torture devices seem to have a “presence” to them. We torched all of the items in the room and Ahz was freed. He had 6 points of Con damage, and we used 3 charges from the wand of Restoration, Lesser.

We found a secret door in the torture chamber, and it lead into a cavernous area with puddles all over the place. An Ooze rose up and attacked us. We killed it. We also find a secret door that appears to lead to another room that we decide to explore later.

Heading back to the main chamber in the dungeon L1, we go north to some new rooms. We head over to another guard’s room, and see a headless flaming skeleton, and dispatch him quickly.

In the pit room we find a wraith and kill him by just pecking away at his hit points while he sucked life from us to gain hitpoints. In the pit find a really masterwork heavy crossbow, +1 heavy mace, a stone of alarm, a masterwork longsword, and a pouch mostly full of 90GP. We also find Gurtis Votch’s skull in the pit and we give it Libby.

We are resting after the pit room, before we go into the last room.

Adventure: Date (game world): 0000/00/00; Date (real world): 2013/03/12

XP Reward: 1200 XP; Net Cash: 954 GP 7 SP 3 CP

We enter the le last room of the dungeon called Nevermore. The main portcullis is stuck, and we decided to enter in from the secret door that we found before. Once we got into that room, we needed a will save because saw blood running down the walls. We kill the ghost and find a +1 Keen Shortsword (Sue), Ring of Protection +1 (Sue), and +1 Mithral Dagger (to be sold) at the bottom of the pit.

Completed the module The Haunting of Harrowstad.

We sold all of the non-magical items and everyone got some gold, silver, and copper out of it. We also got some gold from the town as a thanks. 954 GP 7 SP 3 CP

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